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#14457 - 1906 Unveiling of Franz Sigel Monument Photo Program
This is a beautiful collection of a very important event in the history of St. Louis, Missouri: the dedication of the monument honoring Union General Franz Sigel in June of 1906 at Forest Park in St. Louis. (Two years after great World's Fair!) General Sigel's family was instrumental in recruiting German immigrants into the Union Army. They were part of the generation of 1848 who were exiled by the Duchy of Baden for supporting the Liberal Revolution. Included in this fine original archive are 3 items: 1) an original B&W photo of the event with the family, veterans, and members of the German American community of the city assembled before the monument. Many of the people in the picture are identified on the reverse of the Photo, including doctors and military. These pencil notations were made by Rosa Sigel, the wife of Col. Albert Sigel, the brother of General Franz. The photo measures 6 and 3/4 by 9 inches. 2) There is also an original program for the event and 3) a poem by Walter E. Ruemelin to be read before the unveiling of the monument. The program measures 6 by 9 and 1/2 inches. The poem measures 5 and 1/2 inches by 8 and 1/2 inches. These items came from the collection of Colonel Syd Lyons who assembled many materials connected to the General Sigel and his family. A super collection from the age of mature, proud GAR veterans recalling their service and leaders.

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