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#14768 - CDVs Two Union Officers and Family at end of War
This is a very nice and interesting family group of CDV images that came out of a crumbled album. The album was not salvageable and had no family names in it. There are CDVs of two Union officers among the 8 images. The card mount of bearded one is tattered at bottom edge. No ID or backmarking. The rear of the card for the cleav-shaven officer has a 3 cent revenue stamp and photographer's mark from Lebanon, Ohio in September, 1865. Likely taken when got home from the war. There are 6 other CDV cards, three of which are from Bloomington, Illinois. The lady in the Civil War era dress is probably the wife to one and maybe mother to the teen. Six of the cards bear revenue stamp: some blue two cent from CW era, others the green 3 Cent used just at close of war. Overall Condition is very good, with very little yellowing and minor corner bends. The stamps are all particularly nice. I believe that these images belong together, since they came from the same album, and I believe that it is a family grouping. It is possible that with some research about Bloomington, Illinois the family could possibly be identified. All 8 cards for one price.

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