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#14808 - Soldier Marked 1862 Longley Cartridge Box
This is a Model 1861 Union leather cartridge box. These were carried by every Union enlistedman. This one has both tins. It is marked on inner flap by maker: Longley & Co. Lewistown, Maine, 1862." Amazingly, the soldier carved designs into the rear leather of his box: Three Stars of David and the Roman Numeral "XX", likely for his Regiment. Sadly, no name. There is a stiff curl to front lid. If you were daring, you could steam and press it flat, but why take a chance it might crack. It's a relic! Also, has holes where a US Cartridge box plate once resided. You can easily add that back... There is one loose roller buckle only. Some flaking, but rather nice surfaces overall. This is special due to maker's marking and the soldier added designs.

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