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#14808 - Soldier Marked 1862 Longley Cartridge Box
This is a Model 1861 Union leather cartridge box. These were carried by every Union enlistedman. This one has both tins. It is marked on inner flap by maker: Longley & Co. Lewistown, Maine, 1862." Amazingly, the soldier carved designs into the rear leather of his box: Three Stars of David and the Roman Numeral "XX", likely for his Regiment. Sadly, no name. There is a stiff curl to front lid. If you were daring, you could steam and press it flat, but why take a chance it might crack. It's a relic! Also, has holes where a US Cartridge box plate once resided. You can easily add that back... There is one roller buckle only, which is now loose inside a tin. Some flaking, but rather nice surfaces overall. This is special due to maker's marking and the soldier added designs.

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