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#14863 - Saving the Merrimac !!!
I enjoy re-building and re-painting old Aurora and Revell plastic models that were done badly years ago by kids in a rush. Well, I recently got hold of the Confederate ironclad "The Merrimac." It was badly glued, painted in a messy way, and missing almost every deck detail. So, I took it apart, tightening the body. Then, I doggedly did the best I could building missing parts. The lifeboats are hand-carved from florist foam block. The masts and support poles for lifeboats are Q-Tips! Then, went about re-painting it based upon photos on the internet. Though it is NOT historically exact, it is a heck of a LOT better than when I started. Doing the flags with magic markers and White-Out was fun... I highly recommend sitting and painting soldiers, forts or ship models to those who love history and need to relax from an overly-busy modern world.

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