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#14943 - Officer of 9 Cavalry Crossed Sabers Buffalo Soldier
This is a rare find! A custom-build crossed cannon kepi insignia for the 9 th Cavalry, one of the black Buffalo Soldier regiments that fought Indian Wars and even charged beside Teddy Roosevelt in Cuba! The insignia is hand-embroidered from jaceron and other gilded wires. It bears a gold 9 above the swords. It was built on a stiff canvas base. The rear is not open-canvas. This construction and it's smaller size of 2" across leads me to place this with the Buffalo Soldiers during Indian wars 1867-1885. More likely 1870 era. This would have been an officer's custom hat insignia. The enlisted men wore brass insignia (see photo as example). The brass wires are bright in some areas and tarnished in others, giving it a mixed yet attractive look. I notice a very few of the wire turns are missing. But this tells you that it went to war and did not sit on a shelf at Bannerman's. The black velvet background field is clean & deep. This comes in a free Riker case for safe & easy future display. So, you true history buffs, where the blazes can you get another one of these.

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