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#14961 - Imported Model 1850 US Officer Sword & Scabbard
This is a very lovely Civil War era Model 1850 Union Officer's Sword with its original scabbard. It is a foreign import with engraved, slightly curved blade, showing military motifs. Has a dark wood grip without any leather or rayskin. Blade has been cleaned during years of use, lightening the engraving. A maker's marking initials "S & H" on ricasso. The blade fits well into the leather scabbard. Dried but not broken. Blade measures about: 29 5/8 inches in length. Sword measures about 36 3/8 inches in length. Lovely floral details on solid, tight brass grip. Very nice example of sword most often carried by the Union officer. Leather scabbards rarely survive intact like this.

Type:  |  Condition: very fine  |  Price: $455.00
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