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#14974 - Letter home from BF OBryon later KIA 1864
This is a 4 page letter home written in ink by B.F. O'Bryon, a sergeant in Co. E of the 140 th PA Infantry. He was later killed on 5/31/1864 at Totopotomoy Creek, Virginia. This has stains, and page edges are separating, but pretty easy to read his thoughts: Talks about owing letters, other soldiers, including one "away at some Hospital." Abe Moore is "able to look out for No. 1." Family sick but recovered now. Folks in debt to him two letters. Send a few dollars... Looking for a furlough. "everything looks like we are done fighting..." Recipient told BF that she would like to give him a kiss "would to God it could be so..." Says "all we can do is put our trust in God.... I remain as ever your own... Frank."

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