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#15012 - British Import Enfield Bayonet with Super Scabbard
Here it is! A very nice British import Enfield Bayonet in its original super-condition leather & brass scabbard! Not often that one sees such a well-preserved scabbard. The leather smooth and stitch intact. In past, someone polished brash scabbard throat (frog) and tip. But nicely toning now. Amazingly, this has initials of soldier "GRW" scratched into the brass throat! Wow! Bayonet fits well down into scabbard. Bayonet with slight gunmetal color. It has manufacturing hallmarks. If you want museum display quality beside your Enfield rifle, or on a mannequin, then Go For This!

Type:  |  Condition: very fine+  |  Price: $164.00
Shipping & Handling: $12.00
(please note additional shipping outside continental U.S.A.)

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