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#15045 - Battered by War Model 1850 Imported CW Officer Sword
This is a well-used Model 1850 Civil War Union officer's sword. Blade unmarked, but likely a European import for a Junior Grade Officer. Has a brass basket with laurel and vine weave design. Single "D" style knuckle guard. The "sharkskin" (ray skin) grip is in good condition with a single-twist wire which is still present. Sports a darkly toned double-fullered blade with a rounded-off nose where the point had once been. About 35 1/2" overall. Blade is just a bit under 30" from hilt to rounded tip and 1 and1/16" wide at the ricasso. There are faint acid-etched designs on the blade as seen in the photo. The designs on brass guard are very nice. The blade has a slight wobble against brass grip. Of course, this is a War Torn Weapon: so it has dings, dents, scratches and tarnish. Great for up on your Man Cave Wall or to take to reenactments. No problem letting amazed friends & family touch this baby!

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