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#15051 - Sixth Plate Ambrotype New York Kill a Mockingbird
This is a glass sixth plate Ambrotype of a stewrn and focused-looking Union trooper seated before a studio backdrop. He looks a bit like actor Gregory Peck in movie "To Kill a Mockingbird". (Maybe this is the earlier, "To Kill a Rebel" version???) In any case he has a bayonet on his belt scabbard, as well as a square sword belt plate that suggests New York State. It looks much like the script style "NY" within a wreath. An unusual plate to see in an image! The facing emulsion (photo) is intact, but rear blackening coat has small scratches. They could be over-painted easily, but I leave that to the preferences of next owner. This comes in a fancy thermoplastic wall frame into which inserts the fancy brass photo mats. Old crack on rear of frame. Neat neat neat!

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