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#15058 - Ninth Plate of a Battered Warrior Rhett moustache
This is a ninth-plate Ruby Glass Ambrotype of a dashing Union soldier who sports a slick Rhett Butler type moustache. No ID yet known. His uniform has sewn on cloth shoulder straps. The picker says the image was bought in Hollis, New Hampshire. Comes in a full leatherette case with original glass and brass mats. Sadly, there are many scratches to the emulsion with loss. A few hit his face, but mostly his visage remains. A pro could "in paint" this someday to fill-in the lost areas. But I think I will just sell him as is....

Type:  |  Condition: Scratches  |  Price: $56.00
Shipping & Handling: $9.75
(please note additional shipping outside continental U.S.A.)

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