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#15080 - Union NCO sword with partial leather scabbard
This is a Union Civil War era NCO sword with a partial leather scabbard. Sadly, the brass brag and lower potion of leather scabbard are gone. The upper 21 inches of brass throat and leather are still present. (Being leather, scabbards often bent and broken mid length over the years) In any case, a lovely sword with nice bright blade. Has inspector's markings on ricasso "AHK" and on guard "JF". No other dates or markings seen. Overall is 38 1/2 inches. Blade tight in guard. Brass has a nice warm honey-color vintage toning. Great wall hanger for library or den.

Type:  |  Condition: Very Fine plus, with broken scabbard  |  Price: $238.00
Shipping & Handling: $17.75
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