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#15152 - NCO belt plate LaFourche Crossing, LA 1863
This is a Model 1851 sword belt plate from the Civil War period. The cast brass buckle measures approximately 3 1/2" wide and 2 1/4" tall. The applied nickel silver wreath is long since gone, usually the case with these excavated plates. The plate has been struck, either when the soldier wearing it lost it, or when it was being excavated. The shield in the center of the eagle is cracked, as well as stress cracks on the right side where the applied wreath was attached. Above the eagles right wing tip is a small nick on the edge of the plate. The opening for the belt is also cracked at the bottom. There is still some gilt remaining in the recessed areas. The tongue is still present. The plate has a bench mark, number 905 being stamped in the corner near the tongue. It originally had a note card with it stating it was recovered near LaFourche Crossing, Louisiana. A small battle took place there on June 20-21, 1863 between a Confederate Cavalry brigade commanded by Colonel James Major and 838 Union forces commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Albert Stickney. The Confederates were raiding in that area in an attempt to push the Union forces out of Brashear City and Port Hudson. During the two day fight, which was considered a Union victory, the Union forces suffered 48 casualties. The Confederate forces had 219 casualties. It is quite likely that this belt plate was lost during this battle. Nice for those who like true battle field relics with a known recovery site.

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