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#15158 - Octagonal 50 cal Percussion Pistol with patch box
This is a very interesting and attractive 50 Caliber muzzle loaded percussion pistol. Likely from Europe but I see no markings. Guessing 1820-1850 era. It has a 12 inch long octagonal barrel. A ramrod. Engraving on metal plates. But no maker marks. There is a neat scalloped shell cover on carved grip which opens to reveal "patchbox" for caps. The trigger was catching when I bought it, but not today. Spring intact still. (Needs tinkering a bit) There is a very tight crack to wood body near base of barrel (seen in photo here. There may be an old weld at rear of trigger guard where it meets blackstrap. Well done. A great looking classic weapon. You could put it on desk, wall or tinker with it's mechanics. Either way, super look. Be sure to play at Pirates of the Caribbean or Erol Flynn.

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