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#15260 - Horstmann & Sons Phila Union Mousician Sword
This is an original Model 1840 Union Musician Sword as carried throughout the Civil War. It is marked on one side of ricasso: Horstmann & Sons Philadelphia". On other side of blade base is the Knights Head logo of a German blade maker. Horstmann often bought blades from the well-renowned Germans and put together the rest of the sword. This sword blade is tight to brass grip. Has a "93" (rack number?) impressed in the grip base. It was well-used with gunmetal tone and stippled patchy surface peppering. Could be cleaned but I prefer to leave my CW relics as found. The very tip is flattened (no point tip), as if an overly enthusiastic trooper stabbed it into a wall. That is wh7y priced cheaper here... Blade is straight. No scabbard. No date or inspector's markings, so likely issued before the beginning of Civil War. Neat survivor!

Type:  |  Condition: Very Good  |  Price: $161.00
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