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#15324 - Original Civil War era tin Political Parade Torch
This is quite interesting: An original tin kerosene parade torch from the Civil War era. These were mounted atop wooden poles and carried lit in nighttime parades and rallies, both political and military. They are often seen prominently in newspaper engravings of the time. This one has it's screw on refill-wick spout at top, and the pivoting bracket to mount to a pole at bottom. All working great. Painted in an old flat olive drab color. Solid and water-tight. Body is about 4 1/2" by 4 1/2". The overall height from tip spout to broom insert is about 10 1/2". (No broom handle included) If you want to march for Lincoln's campaign in 1864 or celebrate a battle victory in 1863, buy this, you true History Buffs!!!

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