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#15364 - CDV of squad of 4 Union Horsemen of Apocalypse
This is an original CDV of 4 seated Union troops. Taken on folding chairs side-by-side in itinerant photographer's canvas tent "studio". Location unknown but CDV found in Red Lion, Ohio estate sale, without further history. There is one sergeant in kepi, one sergeant in a slouch hat, and two privates in slouch hats. So, possibly cavalry comrades. (Especially since all wearing tall boots). Slightly faded with minor stains and worn edges to CDV card. On back is pencil writing that is very faint and hard to decipher: ..."Squad when boys of... (then faint names below) Perhaps better eyes or some advanced polarized optics might someday reveal their written names in future? A very cool CDV card of four horsemen of the Union Cavalry Apocalypse!

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