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#15673 - Fancy Leather CDV book CW era with Family CDVs
This is a fancy hardcover book bound in green leather, imprinted on cover in gold ink: Cartes de Visite / Photographs. By Leavitt & Allen in New York. Claims it is "Illuminated" but not sure what that means other than it uses fancy inks on fancy borders around each CEDV pane. The book has a unused ledger in front. There are 9 CDVs of people from Massachusetts and Rhode Island in late 1860s era. One is a Memorian Card for Maria Jane Hurd whodied at age 12. Others children and adult CDV photo cards, some with green 3 cent Washington Revenue Stamps, dating th3ese just after Civil War. There are open unused pages too. Ten pages for 20 CDV if inserted both sides. Book about 6 3/4" by 5 1/2". Binding tight still. Save the Family or use book for Your Civil War Soldier cdvs.

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