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#16000 - Two Ambrotypes : Aninjured CW Soldier and damaged wife!
This is for two ninth-plate ambrotypes of a Civil War soldier and his farm wife. Both ambrotypes have emulsion damage. The soldier wears a porkpie hat and frock coat. He hold a book. His pupils seem absent, so he looks a bit like Count Dracula! Over the years, some angry spouse or child scratched a thin "X" over his face. There was an attempt to fill in the scratch in the background grey. But his face was left with the scar of anger! Still a nice image. No ID known yet on trooper. Comes in a full leatherette case with mismatched designs. The bird-like wife has a brooch on her silk collar. But her dress is plain working woman's. She has emulsion loss over her waist areas. Someone tried to clean the image and realized ambrotype emulsions rub off. They stopped before erasing her face and upper body. Comes in a full leatherette case with mismatched outer motifs. These came together from an estate sale, so likely a husband and wife. Both a bit Spooky!

Type:  |  Condition: Good with emulsion damage  |  Price: $79.00
Shipping & Handling: $11.00
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