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#16064 - 58 Caliber Bayonet in Wilkinson Leather Scabbard
This is a Civil War era 58 Caliber bayonet which comes with a Wilkinson-marked Leather scabbard. No markings on bayonet. No locking-ring. About 21 1/2" overall. This came together with a CW era leather scabbard that is maker marked on loop area "Wilkinson". Sadly, the scabbard leather broken just above the brass scabbard tip. It has been glued with CW period horse hide glue. See photo to see repaired area. The bayonet can slide into scabbard but not be pushed in fully to avoid hitting the repair area. Nice combo for the price.

Type:  |  Condition: Very Good with a repair  |  Price: $99.00
Shipping & Handling: $14.75
(please note additional shipping outside continental U.S.A.)

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