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#16149 - Super Gettysburg Large Canister endplate Culps Hill
This is a 4.52 inches iron canister end plate recovered in Culp's Hill of the Gettysburg Battlefield. It comes from the renowned Shield's Museum in Gettysburg which closed and sold off its museum display relics. The item once had a thin paper tag glued to it which read "May 15, 1965.... Culp's Hill." Sadly, the tag is now tattered & illegible. I personally had an exact endplate from Culp's Hill with the same paper label being intact enough to read. So, I know that the word-of-mouth from the very reliable seller in Gettysburg who I got this one from is correct. I can vouch for it with 100% confidence because I owned it's match... Being iron, there are rough surfaces with some flaking and pitting. But it remains quite solid. It is coated with clear poly-lacquer to keep it from oxidizing and flaking any further in the future. It comes in a free Riker case to protect it & display it. The newer tag is from the most recent collector explaining where is originated. Unclear if it was found in May 1965 or donated to the Shield's Museum then. Super item. Watch Gettysburg movie and know this hurled caseshot into the Confederate lines in a similar, but live scene!

Type:  |  Condition: Very Good with pitting  |  Price: $172.00
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