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#16310 - Attractive & Affordable CW relics grouping for Gifting
This is an attractive Civil War relics grouping, or "sample pack" to gift to the beginning enthusiastic young collector.... In this glass-windowed Riker case is held 3 lead bullets, one iron caseshot from a shell, and a worn Series 1864 Confederate $100 bill. One three ring minie is flattened by impact, or "mushroomed". There is then a Spencer carbine bullet. Then, the iron case shot ball thrown from a bursting shell in battle. Lastly, a curled from impact minie. A nice affordable set.

Type:  |  Condition: very good CW relics  |  Price: $52.00
Shipping & Handling: $12.00
(please note additional shipping outside continental U.S.A.)

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