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#17260 - Major Shoulder Board of surgeon & two letters
This is a group of Civil War items which are from a Union Surgeon who served in the Saint Louis/ Jefferson City region in 1861. First, a Union major's infantry shoulder rank board (1) with gold wire boards and oak leaves. Nice condition. About 4" by 1 1/2". Next are two ink letters sent by John (the surgeon) to his father back home, one from Saint Louis Sept. 9, 1861 and next from Jefferson City, Oct. 3, 1861. They talk about other men in the regiment and how they are adapting to military life. But at one point the author mentions drawing his instruments and picking his hospital assistant. The writer did not list his last name or regiment. He names a Captain with an unusual last name which I could not find on my CW Database, but with more detective work, you may find that Captain and work back to the Major (surgeon) author. All three items for one price. Plus, a fun research project that could pay off.

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