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#2857 - Excellent Resin Replica of Bormann shell
This is a hand-painted exact-sized resin cast of a Union Bormann Time-Fused Case shot cannonball. Original from Seige of Vicksburg, Miss. in 1863. I am a bit of a perfectionist about details and even to my exacting standards, this is a most superb job! It comes on a nice walnut base with a label which would display well on a desk. A great gift for the lover of the CW who is not in need of the original. Plus, at just one-third the price of the real thing, it doesn't rust or flake. The shipping within USA is INCLUDED in this price.

Type:  |  Condition: New Item  |  Price: $35.00
Shipping & Handling: $12.75
(please note additional shipping outside continental U.S.A.)

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