By traveling through the various rooms of our Webspace Mansion, you can study and investigate many relics and artifacts of the American Civil War period. These are both civilian and military items which were common at the time and indicitive of the American peoples’ true lifestyle. A smattering of rare items are also included for the more advanced historians and enthusiasts. But always there is a bit of wise and interesting information which accomanies the displayed items.

When you access the Map Page, simply click upon the room that you wish to visit first. Each location contains items of a different typeand overall subject matter. When finished in that area, return to the Map Page to visit another room. After you have traveled through our historic domicile to your heart’s content, feel free to take the Self Test which has an answer-key supplied at its conclusion.

A review of the rooms and their contents is listed below. Enjoy your visit, tell all your friends and please come see us again!!!

8) Currently “”Baking Room” might do better as “A Glimpse into The Future” 9) Currently “Quartermaster” might do much better as “Veteran Quartermaster’s Post”
Entryway to WarPre-Civil War, Recruiting Items, Draft Notices, Succession Items
Vestibule of LettersLetters from soldiers who returned and others who did not!
Long Hall of PrintsOil Paintings, Lithographs, Etchings, Skethces
Uniform ClosetCaps, Coats, Canteens, Shoes, Beltplates, Buttons and Insignia
ArmorySwords, Bullets, Bayonets, Cartridge Boxes and Firearms
Smoking PorchPipes, Tobacco, and Tools
Strategy Room & DocumentsMaps, Official Orders, Field Documents, Telescopes & Lanterns
The Reading RoomPolitics, Patriotic Envelopes and Stamps
Place for Civilian LifeComforts of Civilian Home
Picture GalleryPhotographic Images
Music RoomFifes, Drums, and songs
A Soldier's Private ChamberComforts of Life in Soldier's Camp
DocumentsBooks, Newspapers, Military Histories
Medicine ClosetSurgical Instuments, Fleams, Bottles and Health
KitchenPlates, Utensils, Jars, Foodstuffs
A Glimpse into The FutureWhat's Cooking?...a peek into the future
Ordnance AreaCannon, Projectiles, Gimlets, and Fuses
Stables & CavalryMen with spurs, their horses and specialized equipment
PaymasterCoins, Currency, Bonds & Tokens
Veteran Quartermaster’s PostVeterans: Books, Medal, Banners and Badges

Why do Old Soldiers Fade Away?
Without care and some caution, we can lose traces of mankind's past: the pyramids get buried; ancient languages become forgotten, brave men and strong women dissolve into a mist of a murky thousand years... but there are those of us who choose to preserve the memories of the evolving man and his civilizations through both written history and relics. Even ugly things like prejudice and war hold important messages about what to avoid in the future... Yet despite all our best efforts, many things are completely lost to time... Even worse yet, facts are sometimes suppressed by those who wish to change the "reality" of the past. It is therefore most important to hold onto the Truth. For it will set you free from fear, from confusion and from mistaken ignorance. In this ghost-like image an old soldier gradually disappears into oblivion as the chemicals in our modern atmosphere etch away at the chemicals from the past that once captured his proud likeness... Who was he and what did he stand for? We will never know... But let us strive to never let go of one more good man or his message... Be brave in fighting to keep and know the Truth! And Welcome, All My Friends, to the Joshua's Attic Cyber Museum. Where we join hands and hearts across time in order to unite all men through Pride, Respect and a true thorough Knowledge...