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#15229 - Unique CW era Inscribed Masonic pewter flkask
This is quite unique piece of Civil War era history! A pewter flask and cap still with its pewter sliding cover. It has the Masonic emblem of mysterious symbols engraved on lid! Also the initials of owner: "D.W." On the rear is engraved "W.H" (a second owner?) and words "Durmal Portland" which I am guessing is a location. Though intact, the soft pewter of the main flask has been dented inwards, as if someone accidentally say on it once upon a time. Cap present but frozen in place (a padded plier if you must open!) The ribbed border between two sections also bent. The lid has nice shape but side edges were once split and poorly repaired with lead solder. This could be redone easily by a stained glass craftsman who uses lead solder frequently. About 6 3/8" long. A very neat item from early America in the CW range.

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