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#15232 - Unique Uniform Tintype: NY Marine or Mass Naval
This is a small original tintype which comes mounted in a windowed CDV card. Plate is about 2 1/2 by 1 5/8". The image shows a seated Union officer with a large star insignia sewn onto his frock coat. He wears a kepi and holds a pre-Civil war sword. The photographer highlighted various uniform details in gold. Since I was unsure about this uniform, I wrote to R9n Coddington the editor of Military Images Magazine. He sent image along to Ron Field who has written many books about CW era uniforms. Here is what he said: "As far as I can tell, the image is not regular Union Navy although it contains some possible navy insignia. The plain shoulder straps would indicate the rank of master or paymaster (1851 - 1862); or assistant paymaster (1862 - 1864. It looks like he has a single narrow strip of braid around each cuff, which would comply with assistant paymaster (1862 - 1864). Buy the rest of the uniform does not conform to regulations. The "D"-shaped hilt on his sword looks pre-Civil War, He might be an officer belonging to one of those more obscure state navy units such as the New York Marine Brigade or the Coast Guard of Massachusetts. I can't really help further with this one. It is a real teaser!"

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