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#15427 - Ambrotype of Spooky Soldier in great coat
This is an original sixth-plate glass Ambrotype photograph of a truly spooky-looking Union trooper in a great coat. His eyes are set in a dark haze from the exposure and later edge solarization ring. There are some past tentative "wipe" streaks to emulsion over his cheek & shoulder, but were quickly averted before any major damage. Rim of image has darker effect from solarization. Hands are blurred in a creepy focus or smear of chemicals coat. Reminds me of Boris Karlof's brother in uniform! No ID known. The rear black contrast card is adhered to rear of glass plate. Not wise to try to pull it free as it causes no harm. This comes in original old glass and fancy brass mats. No case.

Type:  |  Condition: Good+  |  Price: $90.00
Shipping & Handling: $9.75
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