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#16108 - 3 Military & Family Images: Allen Jacobs Co A 34 Iowa
This is a wonderful set of 3 original CW era hard images of Pvt. Allen Jacobs & his Family. Jacobs served in Co. A of the 34th Iowa Volunteers. You can see the company A insignia and Regiment "34" on front of his kepi in his sixth-plate uniformed tintype. I bought these from a serious collector who spent many careful hours of research on the soldier. The name Jacobs in written in rear of all the cases, verifying the Family name. He found that there were only (5) Jacobs total in all of the 34th Regiments of the Civil War including confederate and union states. Research was done on each of those regiments listed on the U.S. Park Service data base for Civil War Soldiers and there was only one 34th regiment, Co. A that listed a Jacobs on their roster. It was Iowa, Co. A, Pvt. Allen Jacobs. Thus, the identification! There are three sixth-plate sized images, two Tintypes and one earlier Ambrotype. These were all found together. #1 - Ambrotype. This image of Jacobs and his wife was likely taken just before the war. Some minor emulsion scratches. #2 - Tintype of Jacobs wife and two children ( The wife matches the woman in the Ambrotype with her husband Allen.) #3 - Tintype of Pvt. Allen Jacobs in his Union uniform(jacket and kepi) Kepi has emblems attached to the front ( 34 & A). Inside the case backing is a handwritten signature "JACOBS" in pencil. All three images of this great set come together. It practically tells the immediate CW timeline of a Union soldier and his life left back home. For the discerning historian-collector of hard CW images. These all are the same family.

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