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#16734 - Relics from Gettysburg Battlefield of 1863 in cigar box
These are field pickup relics from the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg. Possibly collected by a returning Vet who strolled hills and fields where he once fought and friends died. Relic hunting occurred almost immediately after the battle ended by local citizens. Soon, local entrepreneurs collected relics to sell in shops to droves of tourists. In Twentieth Century, the fields were mostly clear of objects. After World War 2, modified mine sweepers were used to hunt underground metal items. But the practice was forbidden on National Park areas in Seventies. Most relics surface these days as old collectibles and relic sets like this one. The label is of the 1900-1945 era. The relics in this old cigar box are from a span of time, the darker bullets immediately after the conflict, and corroded items from later decades. A nice mix, attractively presented.

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