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#17258 - Two Officer Inscribed Artillery Manuals 1862 1863
These are two military Heavy Artillery manuals of Rhode Island Lieutenant Rowland R. Hazard. He started serving in April 1861 in Co.G. of 1st Rhode Island infantry militia. We obtained a large collection of his insignia & military books from the Civil War. He later served in the 14th Heavy Artillery in New Orleans Theater as an officer in a "colored" regiment. Both of these are ink inscribed by Rowland in the fly leaf fronts. They have gold embossed cannons on covers and are for Heavy Artillery Training of officers. The first: "Manual for Heavy Artillery for the use of volunteers" published by D. Van Nostrand (New York) 1862. 72 pages. About 7 1/2 by 5". There is water staining and edge damage to cover. And 10 of the 72 pages have mouse gnawing at a corner. Still nicely inscribed book. Second: "Instruction for Heavy Artillery" by D.Van Nostrand (New York) 1863, pp. 254, about 7 1/4" by 5". It has water damage to cover and leather loff off outer spine, likely from attic mice. Ink inscribed by Lt. Hazard in two inside locations. Has 39 neat engraving plates at rear section. Both of these books for one price. Though have damage, they are personally inscribed with officer name & regiment, plus lots of good artillery reading.

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