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#17262 - Ledger pages angry anti-Lincoln Insurrectionist
These are a few pages from a ledger which are obviously scrawled in pencil by an angry, anti-Republican, anti-Federal anarchist. First page, dated 1864, tells that "on the 8th of November a rebel spy was here / W.H.R. from Virginia... and if Seward is smart why he don't take me from Lincoln to the last soldier all are damned fools, black Republicans. Bully for You, you would be a good subject for the gallows." ...Ummm, wow, what a rambling tirade... Next inside page same vein... "Oct 13 th, 1864/ Lincoln make take the hole South but he never will get the will of the people, and beware old Abe or you may have some trouble in any future time, A Southern." (Crap! Was this Booth?) On third page, this pissed off southern sympathizer needs some Valium! "Presume the Southern had nothing to do with killing Mr. Sincold. Vengeance is mine said the Lord. Oh, ye generation of vipers!" Then he just rambles... Last page, written in May 1869, he quotes something about man's chief end is to glorify God. But this guy does not sound very "godly" to me. A fun, interesting snippet demonstrating the true, base anger of some rebels as the Union tried to squash their beliefs.

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