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#5113 - Displaying Badges in Shadowbox Cases
Items that have some 3-D depth such as raised badges or plates might require more room than a simple flat Riker box. In such situations, a "shadow box" frame or display case with an inch or more of depth will suffice. In this picture shown, cap and uniform badges from the Ypres battlefield of World War One lie safely nestled in a custom box with a foam backing. A colored felt could be used as well for contrast depending upon the color or patina of your treasures. If you have enough room to set a display case on a shelf or table, this method of showing relics is great. But if space is limited then hanging a shadowbox frame up upon a wall might work better. However then you must "fix" or mount your items to the backboard to keep them in place. Copper wire mountings set through the backboard are preferred to using any glue techniques which would damage or alter your collectibles. See other pictures in this section which will show you how to safely & correctly wire mount items to vertical backing boards.

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