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#5114 - Standing Display Cabinets
If you have the space, nothing shows off relics and collectibles better than a freestanding display cabinet that not only shows your items but also serves as a lovely piece of furniture. It can be a focal point to a library, office, den... or simply set off in a corner of any room. There are a variety of such tall glass cases available at furniture stores. Many display from all four sides and have internal lights to accent the pieces you place upon the shelves. Getting one with adjustable heights to the shelves is a big plus. In this picture, we see various fragile and treasured items from three diverse major conflicts: the American Civil War (1961-1865); World War I (1914-1918) and finally World War II (1939-1945). They are clearly housed behind glass in a safe environment where they can be shown with pride to visitors.

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