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#5130 - Flat File "Blueprint Drawers" for maps and papers
Flat files or "blueprint cabinets" consist of a tier (four to ten) of large flat sliding drawers that are used for prints, papers and other items which need to safely lay out flat. Vintage ones from the 1800's were made of oak as shown in this photograph. In the Twentieth Century they became metal. No matter what their construction, it is best to line the bottom of each sliding drawer with acid-free paper in order to protect your documents from stains, mildew and visiting insects. In fact, it is always wise to check-in upon your prints regularly whether stored in cabinets, tubes, sleeves or carrying cases. If a silverfish gets in for too long and goes to munching the paper fibers, you will be one very sad puppy! Therefore, even when protected in "safe" environments, a collector should inspect his treasures periodically. Vintage-looking oak and pine flat file cabinets are still being made by current craftsmen these days. But they are not cheap. It is best to search-out originals in antique markets and to restore them yourself!

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