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#5131 - Vntage Glass Countertop Display Cabinets
This type of glass display cabinet isn't made much anymore. They are from the 1860 through 1915 period when grocery stores and department stores displayed valued merchandise in these when placed atop very long counters. Modern antique dealers snap them up for themselves in order to show their goods in consignment malls and shops. But if you can obtain one: Do it! The glass is thick and sturdy, held by thick strips of nickle-plated wood at the edges. The backs slide open or drop down to get at your items. The ratio of glass to wood is huge so there is a lot of pure visual display power to them. Some even come with tiered adjustable shelves inside. And then, gradually, as they gain in height, they become the more common table top display cabinet that was popular for watches and pens in the Victorian times. Adapting old display cases to show your historic artifacts proudly maintains our heritage of solid, sturdy manufacture.

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