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#6099 - Fantastic Early Gettysburg Relic Desk Set
Relics from battlefields have been collected and sold to veterans and history buffs since just after the Civil War ended. Many GAR and UCV Veteran Reunions of the late Nineteeth and Early Twentieth Century saw thousands of old soldiers and their families returning to sites of youthful battles. Many wanted souvenirs. And local businessmen supplied them. As the vets died off, their children and finally modern history buffs still sought such items. Desk sets have always been popular. In the "early days" it was not difficult to still get plates and Confederate buttons for such sets. In fact, they simply nailed the items down to a wooden base! We would be more careful now... This great desk set of relics from the Gettysburg Battlefield was likely assembled and sold to the tourist trade in the early part of the Twentieth Century. Not only does it have shell fragments and a Union soldier's "US" beltplate, but a rare Confederate "droop wing" eagle button. NOT FOR SALE.

This item is NOT for sale

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